What does Panteia do?

Market and policy research
Panteia carries out both market research and policy research. In doing so, we believe in the trinity of expertise with regard to content, research expertise and (big) data expertise.

Having a thorough command of these disciplines and their interrelations allows us to provide our clients with a tailored research approach. This starts with well-thought out advice about the research method, which is crucial to asking the right questions and producing outcomes that help you move forward.


In addition to research expertise, Panteia boasts a high level of expertise in a number of important policy fields. This expertise provides a sound foundation when it comes to selecting a problem-driven research approach and providing to-the-point advice.
Panteia's expertise includes the following themes:

•          Transport & Mobility

•          Economy & Enterprise

•          Social issues

•          Data & Analytics

•          Industry research

•          Market research


National and International Research
Panteia is very active abroad, both within and outside the EU. This means we speak many different languages at Panteia. Panteia specialises in setting up international partnerships or organisations (Institutional Building) to support the execution of international projects at a high quality level. This includes 'faraway' countries. 

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