Training and capacity building

published: 17-10-2018

In the last decades, more than a thousand managers and specialists from over fifty countries have received coaching from Panteia’s specialist trainers.


Training and capacity building are important components of our services package. These services can be part of a large research and/or consultancy project, or be in the form of a group or individual coaching. Training programmes can be fully tailored to the client’s needs.

Capacity building includes a variety of services. In addition to training, institutional capacity building services are also provided. To this end, Panteia has access to broad international experience and can draw from international best practices. In addition, Panteia has an extensive track record in organising study tours, seminars and workshops that are targeted towards building capacity based on the clients’ needs and demands.

Not only can Panteia draw upon a wide selection of internal training specialists, but also on an extensive network of highly qualified trainers from partners in the Netherlands and abroad.


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