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published: 17-10-2018

For over 20 years, Panteia has been providing legal consultancy and research services to international organisations and federal or regional governments within Europe and worldwide. Its scope of expertise encompasses a wide array of sectors, including transport, economy and trade and social affairs.


Panteia’s services cover a broad spectrum of legal services, including cross-country analyses, legal advice to ministries and national rule-making bodies and advice to international organisations on policies and legislations. Our team has an excellent track record in providing legal gap analyses in complex legal frameworks, multi-country comparison of substantive and procedural rules, assessments of compliance with international and European law and providing tailor-made assistance, based on existing international best practices.

With a firm understanding of the European Union’s acquis, Panteia has been commissioned to assist governments with transposition of EU law into the domestic system, as well as harmonisation and approximation of domestic legislation within the EU framework. Panteia has also been active in the evaluation of legislative instruments and in particular, with respect to European Union legislation, as well as assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of future legislative initiatives.

Our expertise goes beyond conventional legal analysis and includes the analyses of complex domestic legal regimes and the design and development of legal frameworks that transform governmental policies into a practical reality.

Panteia is a market leader in providing legal assistance in the transport sector and provides technical expertise to EU institutions and regional authorities in shaping the EU’s future transport policy. Our experts have a solid background in transport legislation, with more than 20 years of experience in providing assistance on matters relating to maritime, rail and road transport legislation.


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