Economic modelling and databases

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia has at its disposal a variety of national and international economic models. These models range from macro-econometric national models (including regional, enterprise size and industry detail) to international models.


An example of the first is the PRISMA econometric model, which Panteia/EIM uses to analyse medium-term economic development by industry and enterprise size-class. Also for other countries Panteia/EIM has developed macro-economic models, for example for the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. An example of the latter category is the World Input-Output Model (WIOM). This sectoral model covers the world economy, into 40 major countries and a Rest-of-World region; 35 sectors of industry are distinguished. All models have a modular set-up making it flexible to adjust to specific policy issues.

Panteia uses databases from national as well as international organisations such as national statistical institutes, Chamber of Commerce, Eurostat, ILO etc. The size of these databases varies from hundreds to millions or even billions of records. They include recent as well as historical data. In addition, it often considers data that are periodically collected and processed, to get insight in actual developments. Furthermore, data from various sources may be combined  to obtain a fully detailed statistical description of a certain phenomenon.

At Panteia surveys are performed to obtain specific information on a specific study subject. Panteia has the tools to prepare an optimal sample plan, taking into account the subject the survey needs to supply information about on the one hand, and population characteristics on the other. Panteia has the  ICT- and content knowledge to serve its clients in automated reading and performing additional calculations; automated consistency and plausibility checks make sure all data are timely processed and published in a tailor-made format.


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