Vocational education and business: working together for quality and attractiveness

Panteia, LSE Enterprise and Oxford Research carried out a study on cooperation between the business community and parties involved in vocational education and training (VET). The study was commissioned by the European Commission (DG EMPL). Cooperation between these parties is important for the quality of VET and ensures that future employees have the skills that companies need.

The study examines examples from different European countries that are relevant on different topics:

- Matching supply and demand - Work-based learning, including internships - Digital skills - Innovation - Entrepreneurial skills - Mobility - Social inclusion - Raising awareness

Based on this, Panteia and partners identified the most important activating and limiting factors for collaboration. These are described in the report.

The conclusion is that there is no 'standard' recipe for effective cooperation, but that companies have strong, economic arguments for cooperating with vocational education and training providers. The report also provides recommendations for policy makers.

Below you can download the report. Watch the animation video and leaflet here.

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