Success of business start-ups by unemployment beneficiaries

UWV (PES in the Netherlands) has made a variety of instruments available to support business start-ups by beneficiaries of unemployment benefits. Based on administrative data from UWV, linked 1 on 1 with statistical data on income and on enterprise characteristics, Panteia described the success rate of these start-ups. The study is in part a partial update of a study performed in 2011.

A comparison was made with the success of other beneficiaries re-entering the (normal) labour market and with other start-ups. Next to the duration of the business, the income level was taken into account. An interesting development was identified as it was noticed that a growing number of start-ups changed to regular employment quickly.

The administrative UWV data furthermore was used to compare (the success of) the various instruments. In a side-note, UWV was advised on the possible consequences of the findings.

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