Study on Statistical data on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe an don the creation of an e-platform for Women Entrepeneurs

This study was commissioned by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission with an aim of assessing the current state of women entrepreneurs across and beyond Europe, coupled with the goal of developing a one-stop shop e-platform to further promote and facilitate entrepreneurship.

Specifically, the first objective of the study was to collect, analyse, and present in a systematic way the most recent comparable statistical data on women entrepreneurs in 37 countries including the EU and EEA countries. The second objective was to gather information and consult stakeholders in all the above-mentioned countries, as well as European and international level organisations, on the functionality, necessary input, set-up, operation and desired impact of the creation of an internet-based e-platform for women entrepreneurs in Europe. This study was carried out out in close cooperation with KMU Forschung Austria and ENSR.

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