Study on Innovation in Higher Education

The DG for Education and Culture requested this study in order to better understand recent developments affecting higher education.

This study contributes to this understanding and offers evidence on how innovation can support higher education in times of change. The study supports the ongoing Innovation Union strategy of the European Commission and contributes to the forthcoming initiatives of the European Commission on ICT and Education as well as on the Internationalisation of Higher Education. In order to gather the evidence required to answer the research questions, and to shed light on selected processes of innovation in the higher education sector, desk research and seven worldwide case studies have been conducted. These provide primary evidence on many of the themes that recent EC communications touch upon, as far as innovation in higher education is concerned. The report contributes to a better understanding of recent developments affecting higher education and provide evidence of how innovation can support higher education in times of change. Expert interviews and a literature study were conducted to supplement the case studies carried out in this project.

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