Review of existing sources of information/data and support for the preparation of the progress report on the implementation of the Trans-European Network

This study aims to support the European Commission Services in the preparation of the Progress Report to comply with EC obligations as defined in Article 49.3 of TEN-T Regulation (EU) 1315/2013 and Article 22 of the CEF Regulation (EU) 1316/2013.

The Progress Report will be submitted as a legal obligation to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions with regard to the implementation and development of the trans-European network.

The reporting period to be covered is 2014 and 2015 and the scope is the core and comprehensive TEN-T network.

A review and assessment of the information and data provided by the European Commission (e.g TENtec database), INEA (TEN-T and CEF Programmes), DG Regio (CF and ERDF), EIB and Member States, identified the financial and technical data sources which show the realisation of the TEN-T network in the reporting period 2014/2015. The assessment of this data and information indicates the level of realisation of the TEN-T network for this period. The progress reached by the 28 Member States is presented overall and per Member State, showing the investment in terms of projects, the technical realisation of the network and an analysis of the realisation pointing out the areas where attention should be paid. In addition to the Regulation obligations, the study would be a useful input for the work of the European Coordinators as it allows them to have detailed insight in the implementation stage of the core network corridors and the respective financial needs for their realisation. This would equally be an important contribution to the mid-term review of the current multi-annual financial framework."

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