Regulating food marketing aimed at children - a study of 11 EU Member States

During the last two decades rapidly rising trends in obesity and overweight are observed across Europe.

The role of advertising and marketing and this has been studied, though how to regulate advertising and food marketing, especially aimed at children is a challenge. Especially with the rise of direct marketing through social and digital media, governing institutions are exploring new options to better regulate the marketing of unhealthy food to their nations’ youth.

The Dutch Ministry of Health commissioned a study to examine whether from an advertising and marketing perspective, the regulation in the Netherlands can and should be adjusted. The study takes the shape of an international comparison of regulatory approaches to food marketing aimed at children. Eleven countries were examined in detail and country reports developed detailing the regulatory set-up, national contexts, effectiveness and potential transferability of these different approaches. Desk research on the state of play of the advertising and marketing regulations was carried out, as was EU level policy research and both national and international level expert interviews.

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