Exchange of views with the European Commission on 'Erasmus+: Towards a New Programme Generation'

Panteia recently had the pleasure of presenting our study on the Erasmus+ Programme to the CULT committee of the European Parliament. The Parliament commissioned this study on one of the EU’s flagship programmes supporting education and training, youth policy, and sports.

The aim of this study was to examine the performance of the programme, the decision-making procedures used to implement Erasmus+, and to reflect on the European Commission’s own mid-term evaluation of the programme. This is all-in aid of making recommendations to the Parliament for the next cycle of Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ has been performing well and has a very high added value across EU countries, supporting students in higher education, vocational training, schools, but also youths, teachers and staff more generally. Amber van der Graaf and Paul Vroonhof were present on behalf of the project team today in Brussels to present the study. Presenting the study to the European Parliament, together with representatives from the Commission led to a lively and pointed discussion on the future of this large programme.

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