Drafting principles for Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (MATA) bill

The mission statment of the Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (MATA) is to ensure that Kampala Public transport is organised and structured well. The PTA (public transport assessment) is aimed plan and procure public transport for the capital region.

A specific objective of the project is to support the Authority with the following:

(i) put in place effective institutional framework for policy making, higher level planning, funding and regulation of the transport sector;

(ii) enhance and sustain the coordinated delivery capacity of public sector transport actors;

(iii) enhance sustainability public-private partnerships for the development of urban multi-modal transport.

The objectives of the Authority comprise as well: improving traffic management, setting and enforcing service standards for public transport (fares, schedules), developing new route structures, and rationalising services through controlled competition. The new authority should also coordinate transport planning, infrastructure development. And regulation of services. The project contributed to these aims.

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