Assessment of the European Youth Orchestra

As part of the assignment of EENCA – European European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual – Panteia assessed the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) with regards to its orchestral performance, its educational activities, its European dimension and prestige, and its communication or outreach-potential.

First, the performance of the EUYO is evaluated through desk research focusing on repertoire development, educational activities focused on young musicians, EU28 consideration within the structure of EUYO players and public presentation. Secondly, through qualitative research among EUYO internal and external stakeholders from different European countries, insights are provided with respect to European dimension of the orchestra. That is, different aspects of educational projects for young musicians from 28 EU Member States, career development and employment of young musicians and audience development. The perspective of EUYO players themselves was gained via a survey carried out on the sample of current and former EUYO members and addressed the European dimension, educational projects and professional growth, networking, career development and employment. Lastly the paper reports on the reviewers’ – experts and critics – perspective on different aspects of EUYO’s performance

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