Privacy is a prime issue at Panteia. Panteia is a member of industry associations MOA and VBO, and adheres to the Code of practices for Research and Statistics (de Gedragscode voor Onderzoek en Statistiek in Dutch). This Code has been developed by all relevant stakeholders who are directly involved in this area of work. These include: MOA, the Centre for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research (MarktOnderzoekAssociatie), the Association for Policy Research (de Vereniging voor Beleidsonderzoek (VBO)), and the Association for Statistics and Research (de Vereniging voor Statistiek en Onderzoek (VSO)). By following this Code of practices, these three organisations aim to promote a responsible use of personal data in their core activities. By following this Code, the researcher sector complies with the national Law on the Protection of Personal Information (de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp)). As of June 21st, 2010, the Board for the protection of personal information (CBP) has formally accepted the Code of practices for Research and Statistics. De formal statement of acceptance is published in the legal journal, the Staatscourant 2010, nr. 9866.

Panteia endorses and upholds the core principles laid out in the Fair Data Privacy Code. At our organisation, data and privacy are in safe hands. The Fair Data keurmerk (Fair Data certification), can only be held by organisations who are a member of the MOA.

Fair Data MOA

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