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Talented and unique people work at Panteia. Currently we have about 70 experts working with us, together with supporting staff. Each individual has their own background, specialties and hobbies. That said, everyone in Panteia knows how to adopt a cross-sectional methodology. The high degree of diversity and flexibility you find at Panteia makes it easy to find the match with your research needs or research partner. That is how we deliver customized results.

our people and their qualities

At Panteia work highly educated professionals from all relevant disciplines.
This allows us to put together a strong team for every issue. Our experts are known for their area of expertise, their personal approach and their critical view. They happy to think along about which approach and which type of research is appropriate for your problem.

Highly educated professionals from all disciplines work at Panteia. This allows us to put together a strong and dynamic team for every request for services. Our experts are known for their expertise, their critically analytical mind-set, as well as their personal approaches. They are happy to think together with our clients about the core behind a research question, and to develop the best approach to addressing a research theme.

Carolina Ramos

Consultant International Transport

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