Our history

The history of Panteia began on 10 July 1930, with the establishment of the ‘Stichting Economisch Instituut voor den Middenstand‘ (Founding Economics Institute of the Middle Class) and later known as the ‘Economisch Instituut voor het Midden en Kleinbedrijf’ (Economic Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises, EIM). In 2000, the EIM Group was established and over the years various research and consulting firms have joined. In 2010, all agencies under the name Panteia merged into one of the largest research and consultancy companies in the Netherlands.

1930 – Establishment of the Stichting Economisch Instituut voor den Middenstand (Founding Economics Institute for the Middle Class, EIM).

1946 – Founding of the Nederlands Vervoerswetenschappelijk Instituut (Dutch Transport Research Institute, NVI).

1957 – Establishment of the Economisch Bureau voor het Weg- en watervervoer (Economic Agency for Road and Water Transport, EBW). This is a split off from EIM.

1958 – Establishment of the Instituut voor Psychologisch Markt- en motievenonderzoek (Institute for Psychological Research Market and Motives, IPM).

1968 – Establishment of the Instituut voor Onderzoek van Overheidsuitgaven (Institute for Research on Public Expenditure, IOO).

1969 – Establishment of the Administratie- en automatisering Centrum voor het Beroepsvervoer (Administration and Automation Centre for Professional Transport, ACB).

1980 – Establishment of Research voor Beleid  (Research for Policy).

1986 – NVI, EBW and ACB merge to  continue together  under the name NEA.

1996 – EIM takes an interest in IOO.

2000 – Creation of the EIM Group, consisting of EIM, Stratus, Consult and IOO.

2004 – Research voor Beleid joins the EIM Group.

2005 – NEA joins the EIM Group and EIM Group continues as Panteia (Holding).

2007 – IPM joins Panteia.

2010 – Merger of all Business Units into Panteia B.V. All have been operating under the name ‘Panteia’ since. Below is a short description of each of these merged brands.

  • EIM Business & Policy Research, economic policy research mainly in the business sector
  • Research voor Beleid, policy research for the public sector
  • NEA, specialised in research, training and consultancy in the fields of transport, infrastructure and logistics
  • IOO, which is dedicated to efficiency research for the public sector
  • Stratus, a full-service bureau for market research, data collection and benchmarking
  • IPM,  a research-based consultancy company