Ton Geerts joined Panteia in October 2011. Besides his management activities Ton also participates in marketing research, policy focused, and consultancy projects. Most of these projects are related to the fields of economics and entrepreneurship, though Ton also works on other policy areas given Panteia’s multi-disciplinary focus.

Ton well-versed in audit (strategic) policy projects and in working on processes in an integrated manner to determine the effectiveness of an organization, project of process, and then analysing how to improve the situation in question. This occurs of course in the context of the ambitions of a client or its stakeholders.

Throughout his career Ton has always been very well connected to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial organisations and associations, and government institutions on national, regional and local levels.

Until September 2011 Ton worked as the general manager of the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam (1998-2011) and was very much involved in stimulating entrepreneurship in the Rotterdam area. He started his career in 1984 within a SME organization in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Ton graduated in Urban Planning (with a focus on traffic and transport) and in Law. Besides his work with Panteia, Ton is member and chairman of the supervisory boards of two Dutch companies and member of the SME Advisory Board of ING bank.