Roxanne de Vreede


As a researcher/advisor Roxanne is involved in evaluative research within the themes education, culture and the labour market. The research has a strong qualitative element optimally taking into account any contextual information, through in-depth interviews, group conversations, good practices and site visits.

Clients are (inter)national and local governments, sector associations, educational institutions, libraries, foundations and funds.

From 2014-2017 she was responsible for measuring the effect and evaluating the process of a mentoring programme in Rotterdam South, and studying students’ legal protection and the social security of the workforce in HEIs. Within the VET sector she studied the effects of early career guidance of teachers and, for the European Commission, she internationally compared practices in the Member States into the training of teachers and trainers in work-based learning in VET.

She was involved in the large national study into households with depths. She also evaluates grant schemes for cultural funds and initiatives such as ‘EMMA’ which are aimed at helping households with postponed rent payment.

Roxanne received her Master Educational Science from the University of Leiden. She worked at the Association of Dutch Universities and in secondary education. In 2017 she was trained to be a professional trainer/instructor for groups. Roxanne also facilitates the discussion tool MeetingSphere.