Olaf Lagerwerf



Olaf Lagerwerf is an Econometrician and data analyst, has several years of working experience at Panteia. Olaf has experience in the field of transport forecasting, transport modelling and using in general his skills for analysis and collection of large datasets.

Several studies were led by Olaf on urban mobility infrastructure projects in the Netherlands, including the urban zones and regional sub-urban zones with smaller urban areas. These are called NRM studies and are in accordance with the national standards on mobility planning. Amongst other these studies provide input for noise, air and pollutant emission calculations. In terms of survey processing, he worked on the Analysis of the trends and prospects of jobs and working conditions, SMEs and cooperation and several National road Surveys.

He has experience in performing corridor studies. Ranging from scope to rail freight corridors 1 and 2, to a Corridor wide transport market study on passenger and freight transport during the TEN-T Core Network Corridor projects of 2014 and of 2015-2017. In these Core Network Corridor projects Olaf contributed on multiple corridors, including the Rhine-Alpine and Rhine-Danube and worked on the following subjects, differing per corridor: stakeholder engagement, infrastructure analysis, literature review in several languages, identifying infrastructure bottlenecks, TENtec data collection & upload and KPI data collection and presentation, in addition to market studies.