Jasper Tanis



Jasper Tanis is working at Panteia as consultant in transport & mobility. He holds a master’s degree in Economic & Business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, with a specialization in Urban & Port and Transport Economics.

At Panteia Jasper is working in European and Dutch research- and consultancy projects with a focus on passenger transport, urban mobility, social issues in transport and transport labour market. Social dialogue and the consultation of stakeholders are crucial elements in a lot of his projects. As such, he has a thorough understanding of the European transport labour market, the challenges it has to address, potential solutions to these challenges, the barriers to implement these solutions and how to overcome these. Recently, he has been involved an ongoing study aiming to improve digital public transport information services for persons with reduced mobility and a study for a business case to increase female employment in transport, both commissioned by the European Commission / DG MOVE.  He is also currently on the team for the ongoing Horizon 2020 project Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations (LeMO) project. This research project will investigate the (policy) implications of the utilisation of big data to enhance the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European transport sector.

In the Netherlands Jasper is working as consultant in projects where he is responsible for the calculation of cost prices, cost developments, tariffs and revenues for different modes of transport (e.g. public transport, taxi and coach). Through these financial related projects he has acquainted in-depth knowledge of the cost and revenue structure of transport companies. On top of that, he is advising Dutch regional governments in ex-post public transport policy evaluations and in mobility and accessibility studies. Because of his focus on both European as national studies he often has an important role in the interpretation and translation of the European situation into the Dutch situation and the other way around.