Chris Wensink

Consultant Transport & Mobility

As a transport consultant, Chris specializes in managing and executing European and international projects with governance as well as technical aspects. With a background in Public Administration/European Governance (Leiden University), he started his career in the office for European Affairs at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, where he was closely involved in addressing themes such as EU seaport legislation (the Regulation establishing a framework on market access to port services and financial transparency of ports), TEN-T policy, and EU environmental legislation. Also, Chris took part in renewing the PoR’s Port Strategy 2030. After that, he was involved in Awareness, a private consultancy firm, where he gained extensive experience in stakeholder based research.

Examples of Chris’ projects at Panteia are:

  • ‘SMART-RAIL’ (commissioned by the European Commission/Horizon2020), where Panteia is lead partner of the subproject ‘Innovative Control Tower for long-distance rail freight transport’ in which combining shared data allows for more efficient, reliable and competitive rail freight transport;
  • ‘Cross-cutting activities SHIFT2RAIL’ (SHIFT2RAIL Joint Undertaking), devising a comprehensive KPI framework for strengthening the European rail sector;
  • ‘Sustainable International Freight Turkmenistan’ (UN Global Sustainable Trade Conference), strategy for international freight corridor potential Turkmenistan.
  • ‘Study on improving the efficiency of transport in urban nodes of the TEN-T core network’ (European Commission/DGMOVE), examining connecting urban areas to the European transport network;
  • ‘Study on OBOR/rail Netherlands-China’ (Netherlands ministry of Infrastructure), scrutinizing the current and future market situation and advising the Dutch government on policy.

Chris has a sharply developed sense of political-administrative relations, as well as strong motivation for the transport sector and the (international) public domain. In working towards his goals and energizing processes, his organizational skills are highly valuable in complex processes.