Bob Kruithof

079-322 22 18

Bob Kruithof is junior researcher at Panteia. He has extensive experience with quantitative empirical research. Within Panteia, he mostly works on projects within the area of Economy & Business.

Bob studied at Tilburg University, where he obtained his Bachelor economics and business economics and his master behavioural economics. Due to his broad bachelor degree, Bob has a broad basis in a vast array of subjects, such as: international economics, environmental economics and micro-economics. His master focused on integrating insights from economics and psychology. It builds on the principle that policy advice should be evidence-based and cannot rely on theory alone. Therefore, collecting data through experiments and surveys, but also analysing this data was an important aspect of the master.

Besides his regular education, Bob also participated in different extra-curricular programs aimed at working with societal themes. He studied half a year in Denmark and, as part of the Outreaching Honours program, did an internship in the laboratory of the University of Copenhagen.