We unite research, consultancy and training

Panteia conducts research and consultancy, providing practical results and data driven insights for our clients. We have a unique knowledge base, spanning sectors and policy areas, supporting independent, objective policy research.

We live in a world where collecting, processing and analysing data is increasingly important.

Our unique combination of knowledge on data, domain and research means we have the expertise to collect (big) data, analyse and interpret it. We can supply practical and implementable solutions and advice.

Panteia researchers are highly educated professionals in all the relevant fields.

We put together a strong team for each specific issue. Our experts are known for their domain expertise, personal approach and critical way of looking at problems. Together with you we will decide on the approach and type of research.

Together with our clients Panteia aims to contribute to sustainable, social and economic progress. In short, Research to Progress.

Our Services

Our research covers all stages of the policy process: exploring the problem, policy development, implementation and evaluation. Our consultancy has a strong research basis and includes training and capacity building.

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