In 1991, Panteia/EIM founded the European Network for Social and Economic Research (ENSR). ENSR is a network of institutes specialised in applied policy research. The network consists of members in all 28 EU Member States, together with members in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland (also covering Liechtenstein). In total, the ENSR covers 31 countries. Mrs Jacqueline Snijders is the director of ENSR within Panteia.

The ENSR research covers various topics that are related to the business sector: including SME’s, entrepreneurship, labour, production, innovation, internationalisation, CSR, evaluations and impact assessments and social affairs.

University graduates form the main workforce of each Member State. Over 600 highly qualified researchers specialised in applied economic and social research have been brought together in the ENSR Network. Professors chaired in SME economics or in business economics, manage some of the member institutes.

The overall competence of the Network is strengthened by the specialisation of each member. The Network has a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research consisting of macro-oriented, meso and sector studies, as well as micro-economic and small business management research.

Each ENSR member has international experience in carrying out economic and social research and many members have a wide network of international relations and have carried out research in many Member States, Eastern European countries and countries in the developing world.

Each member operates countrywide and some have regional offices, however, these are coordinated by the national headquarters, where national and international research is carried out. All members are independent and follow a scientific approach.

Since 2004 the ENSR Network has an office in Brussels. For more information, please visit the ENSR website.